Perez Infante

Professional Make-Doer


Allegados at the Centro de Cultura Español

Residency at the Spanish Cultural Center - In collaboration with TOMA
Mar - Jun 2017

In Chile “allegado” is someone who temporarily lives at someone else’s home, usually a non-relative.
The Cultural Centre of Spain commissioned TOMA to intervene three spaces: a residence laboratory, a workshop space, and a communal terrace. We proposed a residence in the Cultural Centre for a period of three months to refurbish these three spaces, concentrating the research, design and construction processes on-site, in order to create deeper connections between the everyday users of the Centre. The process would be open to public and also part of the project, in a performative way.

We invited two artists, Nicolas Grum and Nicolas Aracena, as “allegados” of our residence-occupation to bring their own methods and knowledge.
The workshop space became a giant-scale furniture made of recovered wood beams, collected in a demolition site. For the residence laboratory we hacked old furniture, and the kitchen became the gravitating feature of this scenario for the following artists in residency.

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