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Comedor GAM

Temporary occupation of GAM  - In collaboration with TOMA
Sep-Oct 2014

Comedor temporarily occupied the central plaza of GAM, the largest cultural center in Santiago de Chile.

By restaging the dining room that originaly functioned in the GAM building, Comedor reconnects with its memory - originally the UNCTAD III, later Gabriela Mistral Cultural Center in 1972, then Diego Portales – as Pinochet’s dictatorship headquarters. The original cultural center represented the ideals and hopes of the first socialist government in Chile, and the dining room was its heart: a point of encounter where artists, students, thinkers and workers who believed in this project would meet. COMEDOR engages with the ritual practices associated with sitting with others on a table. The temporary restaurant opened its doors in September 2014, and remained in operation for five weeks, offering typical Chilean food and activities, such as music concerts and open lectures.

Associated Collaborators: Denise Elphick (cultural manager), Patricio Garcés (chef), Sergio Benavente (manager) and GAM.

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