Perez Infante

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Project preseted at the Chicago Architecture Biennial - In collaboration with TOMA
Oct – Dec 2015

The case study for ESPECULOPOLIS is Santiago de Chile, the neoliberal city par excellence, shaped by the thoughts of the ”Chicago Boys“, a group of economist indocrinated by Milton Friedman at the School of Economics of the University of Chicago. Their 
ideas became prominently influential during Pinochet’s dictatorship, allowing for the developement of experimental neoliberal policies which deeply configurate Chilean society and cities today.

In the context of the first Chicago Architecture Biennial, ESPECULOPOLIS exposed four ”urban crimes“ - four specific territories from Santiago de Chile - to visualize  an historical process, offering an opportunity for open discussion and reflection.

During 2 weeks, TOMA installed its office at the Chicago Architecture Biennial, and developed three collective actions:

Cases Parliament: A scene filled with characters: historical facts and relevant actors that builds up a territorial cosmogony over the last 50 years.

Speculative Tribune: A collective newspaper. It contains reflections on the contemporary city, declassified documents, comments about the biennial, speculations about possible post-neoliberal cities, photo reportages, etc.

The Evidence Board and Archive: gathers information detailing the history of neoliberalism in Santiago de Chile and in the world. The Evidence Board organizes this history and its manifestations in the urban environment.

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