Perez Infante

Professional Make-Doer



Dec 2018

This video-essay seeks to contribute to the existing body of critical works on sharing economies. Migratoria explores how the ideas of community, belonging, and territory operate in these platforms, and reflects on some underlying discourses in the dynamics of physical and virtual self-presentation (and the encounter of both!), pair-surveillance, and mediation.

When I arrived to Montreal in 2018, I spent almost two months looking for a place to live, making an intense use of a number of searching tools, sites and sharing economy platforms, biking over 400km and invading many strangers’ intimate spaces. As a newcomer, I was permanently confronted with patterns of discrimination, and measured against a new normativity.

Migratoria is an exercise of story-telling: the story of my quest, but more importantly, the story of an embodied and mediated self performing the quest for belonging.