Perez Infante

Professional Make-Doer


Never Discuss Politics at Home: the TV Show

Experimental Audiovisual - In collaboratio with TOMA
June 2017 - Feb 2018
Melbourne - Santiago

Never Discuss Politics at Home, the TV Show! is an architectural -and experimental- TV show that explores the relation between domesticity, global conflicts and media, through the development of a fictional TV programming of a fictional territory. The project was funded by the Graham Foundation Grant for Advanced Studies, in the Fine Arts, awarded to Grupo TOMA in 2016.

NDP@H seeks to question and subvert the complex figure between contemporary global socio-territorial conflicts, mass media, domestic space and our discipline. NDP@H proposes to re-explore the enormous communicative capacity of architecture through a hand-made domestic-television format, in order to construct critical narratives about the most relevant territorial conflicts.

The general structure of the project is based on the action of zapping, and it’s developed as short TV capsules to navigate through, arranged in 8 episodes. Its realization was accomplished with several international collaborations from artists, achitects and activist.

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