Perez Infante

Professional Make-Doer


The Headquarters

Architeture Workshop, UDLA - In collaboration with Toma

Oct - Dec 2015

The School of Architecture of UDLA (Universidad de las Americas) commissioned TOMA to lead a new infrastructural intervention at the rooftop of its campus in the district of Providencia, Santiago de Chile. The project scope was to develop a space for creation, recreation and experimentation for the students. The intervention was intended to house various programs and also to foster further cultural development; generating a community gathering space and a prototype laboratory.
TOMA developed a workshop consisting of two stages: Imaginary and Community Linkage, and Design and Construction.

During the first stage, the students got to a definition of the program and a first design through a number of activities and products; a theater play, a public event, a Manifesto, surveys, research, models and prototypes.

As the first stage finished, the program was defined: The Students Headquarters, a place made by and for them, an infrastructure that aims to trigger a new empowered organization. 

In the second stage, the students designed and built the Headquarters, stablished the protocols of its functioning and presented the project to the community.