Perez Infante

Professional Make-Doer



Music Project

Solo musical project ismos delves deeply into various pop music forms.
While influenced by old-time AM radio love tunes, folklore, and early-synth experimental music, ismos’ lyrical stylings and metrics are a tribute to  Chilean and Latin-American folklore.

ismos’ first album Ficciones  is a collection of seven songs that bring together lyrical elements from the “canto a lo poeta” – a tradition from the central valleys of Chile–, and Latinamerican poetry. Within the forms of pop music, Ficciones proposes ethereal atmospheres that come from 80’s synthezisers and field recording.

Ficciones credits:
Produced by Angelo Santa Cruz (x0, Proverbio, Grl)
and José dal Pozzo (QAyO, Tendrías, De papel, Cacharpalla)
Masterized by Nicolás Godas and Abraham Vicencio at Estudio Feeling.
Art by Simón Sepúlveda.
Photography Camila Reyes.

Santiago de Chile, 2018-2019